Re: Breaking in Harps and Quality Control

:for replaceable single reeds. Why not single reeds? Because the 
:manufacturers know a good thing-their refusal to design replaceable single 
:reeds keeps us throwing out 19 good reeds, comb, reed plates, screws, 
:covers and boxes, and buying 20 more reeds, etc. of same. 

Here is my plug for repairing your own harps. DO IT! Reed replacment is
simple after you've done a couple. I NEVER throw away the other nineteen
reeds, or anything else for that matter. TRUE, they should make the reeds
individually replacable. I am an advocate for that. I hear that Farrell sell
a 270 with each reed screwed down for individual replacement. This is what
the Big Boys should do. In all fairness, I must point out the negative side
of this. As one with a lot of production design and process automation
experience, I can tell you it would not be an easy chore to manufacture reed
plates with screws. The production cost would be higher and the harp would
cost twice as much. BUT WAIT! Who wouldn't pay twice as much for a lifetime
harp? I would gladly pay it!!!! 

Anyone else?

Tim Moody

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