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On Fri, 27 May 1994 KPGraham@xxxxxxx wrote:

> > but
> > I was intrigued since he quoted me $135 and I see that Kevin's has it at
> > $104 as-is... now my point...  is there value in a $30 set up on a $100
> > instrument 
> Kevin is cool. I bet if you asked him, that he would check out the harp
> first.
> Kevin plays harp and looks like he has no major diseases. A quick flush of
> the harp after you get it and I doubt if there is a problem.
> BTW I stopped in Kevin McGowan's store once on the way to Philly. He's
> right off of the Jersey Turnpike in Bordentown. His store is in the back of
> his fathers men's clothing store. He has shelves of harps and tapes and
> even old Astatic's that he sells. He was even selling a Chocolate Fender
> bassman the last time I was there. He's young, - late twenties, early
> thirties and a real go-getter. Who would have believed you could make
> a good living selling mail order harmonicas? He has pictures with himself
> jamming with Junior Wells and others. He knows everyone and is a
> pretty decent guy for a capitalist. 
>             Keith
I've also been to Kevin's store, while I was on a road trip to Cherry 
Hill, NJ. I couldn't find it at first since the sign there is for the 
clothing store. I had a great time jamming with him and looking at all of 
his harps, mics, tapes, cd's etc.  I bought an Astatic and a Hohner case 
from him. I'll probably buy a chromatuc from him soon (I'm keeping the G. 
I've been fooling around with it and I like it). which brings up another 
question - waht is the difference between the 64 and the Super 64?


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