Re: Breaking in revisited


I was one of those much interested in this subject. My question before had 
been: Does a new harp have to be taught to bend, and can the deep bends be 
done on a harp carelessly broken in? I followed the thread but saw no 
consensus. My own conclusions, after many harp purchases in the past few 
months has been: 

Ability to get the deep bends is technique-period. Obviously some harps 
are easier to bend with, but I think a good harp player could 	get those 
bends on an old or new harp, no matter how it was broken in.

That I seem to spring the reeds easier on new harps-so now I break them in 
slowly-slower for the more expensive ones (I just bear down right away on 
the cheap Huangs; they seem to take abuse well.). The keys from B up to D 
seem to go sour or blow out first, at least for me; but then maybe I'm 
just playing them more. I play F, A and G a lot and they seem to last.

Four draw reed usually goes first. (How I wish I could easily replace just 
this one reed. I think this should be considered by manufacturers.)

Now here are my Personal Harp Reviews (any differing opinion will be 
welcomed, as I am always seeking the hard, harp truth):

Lee Oscars: Very responsive-consistent reed to reed, but don't last as 
well, probably because they are more maleable. Tuned very well.

Hohners: Last well, but are less responsive and less consistent. Tuned 
very well.

Huangs: I haven't been playing these long enough to comment on reed 
lifespan, but they are so cheap, what the heck, buy a bunch and blow hell 
out of 'em. They bend well but are occasionally inconsistent-reeds freeze 
up or are not exactly in tune. I like the Star Performer a lot. And the 
Bac Pac. The Silvertone Deluxe Sux.

Suzukis: I own three, which I seldom play. Reeds quickly lost response. 
Probably will never buy another.

Hope you guys and gals will offer your own opinions here, because I HATE 
buying harps I can't play because they are junk and can't be returned-that 
old hygiene cop-out. I took the last Suzuki back to the store where I had 
bought lots of stuff over the years. It had a bad reed, which was 
instantly apparent, but only on a bend. The dude with the Metallica 
T-shirt took out that bellows thing and began to test it. I said: "It 
won't bend. You can't test it with that thing." He handed it to me, as if 
he expected me to demonstrate. I said, "Hell, Man, I just told you it's 
defective. I ain't gonna play you no bad harp blues! Either you give me my 
money back or lose my business." He went for the manager. I told the 
manager the same. He gave me my money back.


-There is a dream dreaming us.-
!Kung Bushman

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