Re: Help with tongue block bending...

Cool post, Winslow -- you answered my question before I could even ask it.
My tongue hurts just thinking about it! 8).

>David Herzhaft, on the other hand, writes, in a recent letter:
> >I would like to know if you will mention my new technique about
> >octaves: Bending on one side with a tongue-block and
> >simply drawing another hole or bending it, allowing [you] to
> >obtain the Db, F, sometimes Ab, A octaves on the first 6 holes of
> >a C [harp].In HIP No. 4 you told that 1 or 2 harp players can
> >overblow with a tongue block. If they do, wth my technique they
> >will certainly be able to get the Eb, F#, Bb octaves in the high
> >range of the harp [overblowing on the left side, blow bending on
> >the right]. If they can also overdraw with a tongue block
> >there would be C# and G# added. Well, I don't know if these last
> >ones can be made; the first ones work well. Don't you think that
> >this technique by increasing the number of octaves on a diatonic
> >harp, bring its possibilities closer to those of a chromatic?
>[interpolations mine - WTY] I haven't gone back and listened to
>David's recordings closely enough to comment on his success at
>this, but it's pretty impressive, and audacious to even try it.
>I've never heard Howard Levy do it . . .

Harvey A. Andruss, III                  email: haandruss@xxxxxxx

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