Re: One big happy family (was RE: Free Reed Mailing List (Again)

> G.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> >
> >		   There seems to have been a (small) amount of interest
> >in the accordion mailing list that I mentioned earlier this week.

*******************Stuff Deleted**********************
> Maybe Gordon and a few others who get on the accordian list would act
> as our "Official" Harp-L Spokespersons...(that way if anything really
> good came up, and also applied towards harp, you could send it here).
> What do you think?

Fine Chris,
		I see no real problem there (assuming work does not
get in the way of pleasure too much, some hope!) ;-) ;-) ;-)

> >Thanks for getting to the end of my folky ramblings, I hope it was
> >of interest to some one else out in NETHARP land.
> I think it's Great!  Sometimes it seems like us Harpers tend to be
> outcasts (OFTEN self-proclaimed outcasts), but there ARE other
> instruments out there as strange and NON-mainstream as ours (the
> accordian for example).  

Hi Chris,

Robert Johnson wrote to me this morning, and embarassed me by saying
some very nice things about my contribution (blush, blush, giggle).

As I said in a reply to him, when you are on a list like this, which
seems to be ~90% blues, you tend not to get a great deal of feed back.
Because of this, I sometimes wonder if the folk biased stuff either
goes over peoples heads, or is not really of interest.

This is *NOT* a plea for recognition, just a subective feeling of mine.
I like to see balance in all things in life, the older I get the less
black and white life becomes. I'm sure this is true for most of us
oldies. Hell I'm 47 soon (June twenty third, but don't spend a lot on my
presents, will you?). ;-)

You certainly don't get instruments as weird anywhere else as in folk
music, well only in nightmares ;-)

Mind you I would say the accordion is now a main stream machine, 
in the U.K. anyway.

>Maybe we can create a Fellowship of Outcast Instruments, sort of like
a Support Group.... =:)

I LIKE this idea, it reminds me of the Zen Buddhist meetings where 
nobody turns up.

Let's just enjoy life!
Have a really good weekend everyone.

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