Re: Kim Wilson

Though I haven't heard the album Keith praises, my favorite Kim Wilson harp 
playing is on the Jimmy Rodgers, Ludella album. Such tasteful phrasing and 
just the right tone. Every lick is interesting, fresh, a little more than 
cliche'. He is a harp player in full command of his instrument. And I have 
to agree with Keith (dare I say it?) he sometimes takes Little Walter a 
jump beyond. 

Jimmy Rodgers is in great form here too. Great bluesinger and songwriter, 
songs like Monkey-Faced Woman (she's got a face like a monkey, hair like a 
teddy bear), Why Did You Do It, Gold Tailed Bird-I like every song on this 
album. They really cook on Sloppy Drunk, Rock This House and Got My Mojo 
Working. This man has RHYTHM from his nappy head to his toenails. 


-There is a dream dreaming us.-
!Kung Bushman

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