Re: Homer and Barney Play the...

>Whereby, Homer proceeds to go into a Flashback,
>which shows him and his drunk buddy Barney in a GIANT pair of Overalls
>(both in the same pair) and playing a HARMONICA that was larger than
>the one the used in the all female "Hee-Haw's All-Jug Band" (which was
>pretty big) (oh, they were both playing separate ends of the harp).

There's a Music store near me that used to be a chain. Last year
the owner let me go into the attic and explore. There were about 20 
Harmonica mikes that were made of a chrome tube that you could fit
around a harmonica. They had several old Hohner display cases and
mounds of old harmonica literature from companies that I have never
heard of.
They had a case of two foot Marine Bands (non-working) They were definitely 
cool and I bought one of the big harps for $25.00. He has 5 or six left
plus an old one made out of wood. These were for hanging in a music 
store window. I keep mine in the back window of my car. I am going to
get another one and try to get famous harp players to autograph it.

The name of the store escapes me now, but its in Mahwah, NJ on route
17. If you are real nice to the owner he'll let you go upstairs and explore.
I also bought a fender tweed lap-steel case that holds all of my harps and

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