Re: One big happy family (was RE: Free Reed Mailing List (Again)

" B.G. de Boer" writes:
 > Chris Pierce writes:
 > > BTW, every now and then I get the strange urge to buy a Concertina...
 > > (Maybe I had one in a Past life).
 > Strange... I have had that feeling as well. You think there is a cure against it?
 > :-)
 > Maybe its just because the concertina is some kind of harmonica that you can play
 > and sing along with at the same time.

Don't count on it...  I've been playing a concertina on-and-off since
'72 (and harmonicas since grade school in the early 60's) and *for me*
the musical part is easy - it is JUST LIKE playing a harp... HOWEVER
all my many years of harmonica playing make it near impossible for me
to sing...  I keep huffing and puffing as if I was playing a harp
while I'm squeezing the box....  

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