Homer and Barney Play the Harp on "Simpsons"


Last night I watched a rerun of the Simpsons (the one where Mr Burns
created a Casio and Marge got hooked on the slot-machine).

Anyway, Homer tells Marge that it is his life-long dream to deal
Blackjack in a Casino.  Marge replies by telling Homer that his
life-long dream was to be on the Gong Show, which he did in 1973 (I
think it was 73).  Whereby, Homer proceeds to go into a Flashback,
which shows him and his drunk buddy Barney in a GIANT pair of Overalls
(both in the same pair) and playing a HARMONICA that was larger than
the one the used in the all female "Hee-Haw's All-Jug Band" (which was
pretty big) (oh, they were both playing separate ends of the harp).

Seems they were playing "Oh, Susanna".

I thought it was pretty funny (but I'm easily amused).


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