Re: One big happy family (was RE: Free Reed Mailing List (Again)

Chris Pierce writes:
> BTW, every now and then I get the strange urge to buy a Concertina...
> (Maybe I had one in a Past life).

Strange... I have had that feeling as well. You think there is a cure against it?
Maybe its just because the concertina is some kind of harmonica that you can play
and sing along with at the same time. I'm in favour of harmonica-accordion infor-
mation exchange.
But that's just what I like about this list: it's not just harmonicas, but there
are also these interesting diversions to other subjects like traffic law in the
different states of the US of A, that make this list so much more lively and 
friendly, besides of being such an invaluable source of information.

Bart de Boer

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