One big happy family (was RE: Free Reed Mailing List (Again)

G.Jackson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>		   There seems to have been a (small) amount of interest
>in the accordion mailing list that I mentioned earlier this week.


>I think both groups can contribute something to each other, and we
>could all be one happy family. I have no conection with the group, 
>I only discovered it last week, I just think it's worth looking at.

That is a great thought Gordon.  Often I have thought about the
relation of the Harmonica to other instruments (especially to the
accordian, concertina, and the Pipe Organ).

I must admit to knowing EXTREMELY little about other instruments
(except what I learned in Music Appreciation class and 6 months of
Piano lessons in Grade school).  But I do agree that there is much
that can be learned from the others.

Maybe Gordon and a few others who get on the accordian list would act
as our "Official" Harp-L Spokespersons...(that way if anything really
good came up, and also applied towards harp, you could send it here).
What do you think?

>Thanks for getting to the end of my folky ramblings, I hope it was
>of interest to some one else out in NETHARP land.

I think it's Great!  Sometimes it seems like us Harpers tend to be
outcasts (OFTEN self-proclaimed outcasts), but there ARE other
instruments out there as strange and NON-mainstream as ours (the
accordian for example).  Maybe we can create a Fellowship of Outcast
Instruments, sort of like a Support Group.... =:)

BTW, every now and then I get the strange urge to buy a Concertina...
(Maybe I had one in a Past life).


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