Hi Happy Harpers.

		   There seems to have been a (small) amount of interest
in the accordion mailing list that I mentioned earlier this week.

I thought that I ought to expand upon it in view of this.

Note that it is called "accoridon", the main instuments under discussion
at the moment are English and Anglo concertinas, and accordions.
Others like melodions, Bandonians etc. are covered, and my information
was that "harmonicas" come up for discussion from time to time.

There is a thread going on at the moment about bending notes on squeeze
boxes, i.e. is it, is it not possible.
What became clear to me, was the lack of awareness about harp bends.
I have posted some information to the accordion group about this.

I would like to point out that there is a GREAT DEAL of crossover between
the diatonic harp, the Anglo concertina amd the Melodion for a start.
All three instruments have a diatonic tuning.
I play them all (among other intruments) and to me if you play harp,
You can play the others without much trouble, you just have the ability
to play left hand accompaniment, counter melody and/or chords as well.

I remain unsure about *controlled* note bending on these instruments,
or the accordion famliy either?

I told the accordion list that the harp had taught me more about modes
than any other instument I play.
It happens that another thread going on is about just this kind of thing.

As someone mentioned, it is amazing how much complex modal discussion
stuff is going on concerning JUST the two row Anglo Concertia, or two row
melodion. And that what "native" i.e. traditional and offten untutored
players actually play is very offten undocumented, complex and not
widely understood. It is only when you play it yourself that you find
some of this out.

I think both groups can contribute something to each other, and we
could all be one happy family. I have no conection with the group, 
I only discovered it last week, I just think it's worth looking at.

The address  once again is:-

	subscribe 	accordion@xxxxxxxxxx

A FAQ is available via email to accordion-requesr@xxxxxxxxxx

The list maintainer is Phoebe Sengers  email Phoebe@xxxxxxxxxx

Thanks for getting to the end of my folky ramblings, I hope it was
of interest to some one else out in NETHARP land.

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