Re: HARP-L Digest V94 #89

Ted Allbritton asked:

    While you are discussing the finer points of bent notes I would like to ask 
    for input on tongue block bending (I've been pucker-bending blues for 
    years, but am just now getting down some tongue blocking and trying to 
    block bend.). How about tongue blocked bent octaves? Is this possible? Was 
    this one of Big Walter's mysterious techniques? Any 
    explanations/illustrations will be profoundly appreciated.

One of my favorite blues performances is also a showcase for a variety
of Walter Horton's techniques: "Trouble In Mind" from the "Big Walter
Horton with Carey Bell" album (Alligater, 1972(?)).  The most dramatic
effect is a tongue-blocked octave trill that's slow enough that it's
easy to hear what he's doing.

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