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> I would avoid playing along with some of the real advanced players like Sugar
> Blue and Rod Piazza. They make bend sound like natural notes and you get
> yourself frustrated real fast. They are too good at what they do. That's why
> I
> like Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. He can play as well as anyone
> but he tends to cover the classic harp standards and styles. His style is
> what I
> consider to be the "Real Blues Harp Style". (just my opinion of course.)
>         Keith

Ahemm.. This is a bit embarrassing. Could someone please tell me more about
Kim Wilson. What bands has/is he playing in?  Does he pucker or
tounge-block? etc.?

Denmark is somewhat remote, and there's not that big a market for newer
blues-stuff, except for the real famous guys like Robert Cray.

I'm asking about Kim Wilson, because he plays on the recording "Nick of
Time" by Bonnie Raitt (1989), .. and gee I wish I could play like that. Is
there anyone on the list, who may provide some information on this record
in particular (keys, riffs etc.).



BTW: On pitch control: I bought a medium-priced DENON CD player with
adjustable pitch control (+-15%). The salesman swore that no one could use
a thing like that, but I guess he was wrong :-)

Bo Arlif, B.Sc., boar@xxxxxxxx Graduate Student at the University of
Copenhagen, - Institute of Computer Science (major) and Institute of
Prehistoric and Classical Archaeology (minor).

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