Driving w/headphones and a question

Christian N Michalek <micha018@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> **YES** it is illegal to wear headphones while operating a motorized
> vehicle. Sometime ago I had been pulled over for speeding or
> something and when the police officer approached the car he saw my
> head phones sitting in the seat adjacent to me. He said he could
> issue a citation for wearing headphones while driving but most people
> won't.


This is kinda off the subject of this list, but I wonder if it's illegal for 
totally deaf people to drive. (I bet it's not...)

Now for some harp content - I've recently picked up my chromatic after about a 
ten-year hiatus. I've played diatonic on and off since I was about 13 (simple 
1st position stuff like "Oh Susanna," Sailor's Hornpipe," etc., and some 
cross-harp blues stuff). (I'm 37 now.) So I've got the "basic" moves down, I 
guess. Anyway, I bought my chromatic about ten years ago after buying and 
repeatedly listening to "Affinity" by  Bill Evans and Toots Thielemans, and I 
said to myself, "Hey, I think I'll give that a try." Well, I didn't stick with 
it, and that chromatic sat in a drawer for ten years. 

Inspired by abother HARP-L person, Ted Allbritton, I decided to use my daily 
hour (each way) commute to get back into harp. So I've been merrily honking 
away on the chromatic (and some diatonic) to and from work for about the last 
month. I've mostly been working on jazz/swing stuff: I'm in the process of 
getting the heads to a couple of jazz tunes ("Straight, No Chaser" by 
Thelonious Monk, "Billie's Bounce" by Charlie Parker, and such like), under 
control. (And I have my theory/harmony pretty well under control, too.)

So, now for my question: what's some good instructional material for the 
chromatic (preferably a book/audio tape set)? I guess I'm kinda interested in 
technique exercises, but I'm more interested in learning tunes and licks for 
jazz and swing. 

Any suggestions, folks?

Thanks in advance

-Bo Parker

"All the boys go, 'Hey Goo, what's new?'"
"And my friend Goo just goes, 'Peeee Yeeew!'"
"And my friend Goo just goes, 'Peeee Yeeew!'"

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