Re: Determining Key of recording

> I had always heard that it was ILLEGAL to drive while wearing
> headphones (even the type that fit IN your ear for a tape player, not
> just the old HUGH ones that cover your ears or the new smaller ones).
> Anyone know if there is any true to this?
> I think the main concern is with not being able to hear ambulances,
> other emergency vehicles and car horns, but that's just a guess.
> Chris

**YES** it is illegal to wear headphones while operating a motorized
vehicle.  Sometime ago I had been pulled over for speeding or something
and when the police officer approached the car  he saw my head phones
sitting in the seat adjacent to me.  He said he could issue a citation for
wearing headphones while driving but most people won't.  However he did
ask me to put the headphones in the backseat.

I also asked if harp playing while driving is illegal.  He said no but
probably would not be a good idea,  for driving should demand our undivided
attenton!!  I suppose he is right.  But I still play while I drive....

-Chris Michalek
 St.Paul Mn.

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