Re: Headphones

As a former Wisc DOT employee (more than a few yrs ago), I've
seen that each state may have a different motor vehicle law
governing the (il)legality of wearing headphones while driving.

Of course it's always best to exercise extreme caution behind the
wheel, especially if one's attention is readily diverted by
gadgets such as headphones, radios, tape decks, CD players,
harmonicas, racks, fancy recorders & whatever else.

There may be a specific statute in your area governing this sort
of thing, but even some of the more powerful car stereos can
drown out important traffic noises w/out the use of headphones.

Even if it's not illegal per se, in the event of a traffic
violation while wearing headphones you could easily be cited for
-inattentive driving
-following too closely
-driving too fast for conditions
-inoperable brake lights
-non registered vehicle

..or any other conceivable offense that may fit the occasion &
the attending law enforcement officer's mood.

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