Re: Determining Key of recording

On May 26, 10:17am, KPGraham@xxxxxxx wrote:
> Question: Does anyone have any experience adjusting the
> speed on car tape decks?  Honestly, I don't even see how 
> to pull the thing out.

Yes.  I've done it myself on several car and home tape decks.  Usually
there is a little hole on the back of the motor.  I've been able to get
a screwdriver thru the hole and adjust the pitch while it is playing.
In a car, it is a real trick to be able to get at the hole while the
thing is still plugged in, but I can say it is possible on a Plymouth
Voyager.  It is best to have a tuner and a tape w/a test tone recorded
on a 'good' deck... but you could do it by ear.

Good luck!
Elliott New

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