Re: Help with bending...

> One familiar thing can help, the thing you do to say
> sounds like "K" as in King, or "G" as in Gold. Your tongue and
> your soft palate (the soft tissue that forms the roof of your
> mouth at the back, converge to make this sound. They don't need
> to actually touch - air has to flow through. You'll get sort of
> "KHHHH" sound, like sucking through a straw in a nearly empty
> glass.
> This same action can be moved even farther back in the mouth,
> freeing the tongue to do other things. See how far back you can
> make this sound, without the harp. Try making sounds of coughing
> and choking, then try to sustain them, keep an air flow going.
> And don't gag.
> Let me know if this helps.

Thanks for the advice! I tried this method (making the K sound) and
I resulted with the same pitch change as I did when I tried the
"EE-YUU" method, which someone else suggested.  Could this mean that 
I'm actually doing it?!?!?
The bending, that is.  I'll keep working on it...


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