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    I thought I would add this tip which came from Peter MadCat Ruth in a 
    seminar at SPAH a couple years ago.
    Peter says... "Make the EEEyuuu sound (sounds like E-you) WITHOUT the 
    harmonica. ACTUALLY LOWER THE PITCH OF YOUR VOICE on the yuuu part."   
                             \		!sometimes my ASCII illustrations
                              yuuu	!amaze me. :-o
    Repeat until you can feel - and remember - what's happening inside your 
    mouth. Try it on exhale and inhale (inhale will kind of choke you). Then 
    do the same thing with your harmonica, eliminating the voice part. 
    Remember DRAW notes can be bent on the LOW end of the harp and BLOW notes 
    on the HIGH end. (without discussing oveblows/draws here)
                      Jack Ely      ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx@pmdf

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