Re: Help with bending...

>When we bend, there is a point where the air passage narrows, and
>this defines the back of the cavity. The bigger the cavity, the
>lower the resonant frequency, making the pitch of the reed go
>down accordingly.

This is important for bending. My instructor told me that the 2-draw bend
comes from the bottom of your feet. I could not do a full note 2 draw
sitting down at first because the sound comes up from the diaphragm(sp?).
You have to be standing to do it at first. You need a very relaxed throat,
wide open and make a little yawn.
I found it helped to voice YOU-EEE to get a bend when I was starting.

Bending is sort of Zen thing. It starts happening when you relax and stop
thinking about it. If your lips are too tight and you mouth is constricted
it often is in the effort to get a single clear note) you can't bend.
Play along with the Fabulous Thunderbirds or Little Walter. Play chords and
a few single notes to get a feel for the music. Suddenly you'll be 

I would avoid playing along with some of the real advanced players like Sugar
Blue and Rod Piazza. They make bend sound like natural notes and you get
yourself frustrated real fast. They are too good at what they do. That's why
like Kim Wilson and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. He can play as well as anyone
but he tends to cover the classic harp standards and styles. His style is
what I
consider to be the "Real Blues Harp Style". (just my opinion of course.)


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