Re: Help with bending...

> Allan,
> I usually tongue block when I play (shown in the instruction sheet that
> came with your harp), and I recommend that you learn about tongue blocking,
> but you'll bend more easily at first if you just purse your lips and pucker
> right over the note you're trying to bend. Most beginners find that the
> 1 hole draw note is the easiest to bend because it's easier to isolate.
 ... [stuff deleted]

> get. Trying bending the 1 hole draw on different harps if it doesn't
> happen for you soon. If you have a lower pitched harp, like an A or a Bb,
> and find bending difficult, get a higher pitched harp, like a D or an F,
> and try it on that. Sooner or later it will drop in for you and you'll
> be able to relate to the sensation.and start achieving it up and
> --Kim Field

Thanks Kim!

I tried this with my E harp.  And I think I was able to hear the
bend on the 1 draw, but not quite sure.  I tried the same method on
the 4 draw and didn't get it...I'll work on it...Thanks alot!


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