Re: Help with bending...

:I usually tongue block when I play (shown in the instruction sheet that
:came with your harp), and I recommend that you learn about tongue blocking,
:but you'll bend more easily at first if you just purse your lips and pucker
:right over the note you're trying to bend. Most beginners find that the
:1 hole draw note is the easiest to bend because it's easier to isolate.
[text deleted]

:--Kim Field

How about the 90's. Don't ya just love technology. When I first tried
bending, I was on my own. Wandering around in music stores loooking for
someone to help me, buying those "How To Play Blues Instantly" books, buying
harps and generally floundering for years. Here is a guy that just picked up
the harp and baam, instantly has an answer to his question. And not just any
answer but a detailed one from an expert in the field(no pun intended).
Kim's book isn't a "How-To" book, but a fine historical/factual reference
book about the harmonica and it's major players. Kim is not only an author,
but a fine harp player too!  I would just like to say THANKS to Kim for
taking the time to post such a wonderful answer. We all need information
like that, and as harp players, I'm sure we've all ran up against a wall
before. Thanks Kim.

Tim Moody

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