I am back !

Dear fellow harp players:

I just returned from my tour of the West with the Heritage Harmonica
Boys.  Upon our return to Indianapolis, we got right into the local
studio and finished our next release entitled Wonderful Words of Life.
The tape will be ready all ready to go on sale at the the July S.P.A.H.
convention in Memphis, TN.

On our tour, we met many S.P.A.H. members in Minneapolis including Don
Allen, Bob Bacon, and Jack Bacon.  But the treat meeting a harmonica
player was in Montana.  There, we met the only society member from 
Montana, Mr. Thomas Dundas.  He drove 3 hours from Helena to Ennis to 
hear us (that is a dedicated harmonica player).  

Now, after this tour, the Heritage Harmonica boys have performed in 41
states in the continental U.S., Ontario Canada, and Haidi.  Our next 
tour will include Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and
Hawii and is tentatively scheduled for the summer of 1995. 

With 272,000 miles on Russ Dennis' Starcraft conversion van, I think
we need to look into a new van before taking on Alaska.  Anyone know
a Chevy dealer where we can get a good deal?  That little 305 c.i.d.
had problems climbing the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming, but it is an ALL
original engine.  I think the next van should have a 350.

Also, I am tired of toting a P.A. system for every job.  Does anyone have
information on the Roland Keyboard Cube amps?  This is something that I 
want to look into in the near future.

Tell ya more about it later!


      George Miklas, Bass Harmonicist, Jerry Murad's Harmonicats 
                     E-Mail:  ah567@xxxxxxxxxxx
"Three Gs and an E flat....who would think that these four notes would 
be the main theme of a major symphonic work?"  Arthur G. Spiro, Ph.D.

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