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Lise Herzhaft writes that the Freeandise tape is 60 Francs.

I also have a recent letter in hand from her son David (whom I
erroneuosly identified as Daniel in a previous post), who tell s
me that for American buyers, CDs are $20, tapes are $12 (postage
paid) to be paid by IMO (International Money Order).

He sent the CD of "Never Been Plugged" (acoustic blues) and the
cassette of "Freeandise" (elecetric fusion), so I'm not sure if
each is available only in those formats, or both.

His address:

57 rue Florian
69100 Villeurbanne

FAX: 78 89 2164 (check for international access and country code)

He's also talking about tongue blocking and bending and
overblowing for octaves on both sides . . . . (gulp)

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