Re: Returning a chromatic?

William Lippe <lippe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on Sun, 22 May 1994 14:00:32
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>On Sat, 21 May 1994, Steven D. Levine wrote:
>> I know that music stores aren't legally allowed to take back 
>> harmonicas that have already been played, but they made the mistake here. 
>> What if I had mail ordered it and it was the wrong key? Should I try to 
>> make them take it back and give me a C, or write to Hohner? Has this ever
>> happened to anyone else on the list?
>> Also, I got Kim Field's book today, plus a Gary Primich album and Billy 
>> Boy Arnold's new one. The book looks great and I can't wait to read it 
>>  -Steve
>        While stores aren't allowed to take back a harp and _resell_ it, 
>they sure can take it back and be forced to absorb the cost, or if 
>there is a rational (not to mention _very_ nice) manager, maybe even give 
>you the right one for a discount, or (yeah right) the one in C for free.  
>That's a pretty stupid mistake IMHO...

You can't force them to do anything, but they should at least be open to
swap if they want you to come back, send your friends, etc.  When I first
read about I, I thought it was his omen to play the lower harp for all its
'groove tones'; I had a similar thing happen to me trying to get a minor
tuned harp -- they stuck me with the harmonic minor (by his accident and my
not looking closely enough), and before I knows it, I do a cupla hava
nagilas, and say what the heck.  I mean I was also POed, but it's not like
you won't find a use for it (a gift to your best friend, your next album
photo shoot, all shiny unused :)  Do what ya gotta do and good luck.

Switch hittin' here, which Primich we talkin' about here?  MY PLEASURE, or
the one with his name on it.  Or some Mannish Boy thing?  What's it like --
mostly fast and blast, or down easy?  Lotsa tricks and positions? Covers?
Originals? AOTA?  You can tell my interest is piqued, but I don't know much
about the guy, except from some ads I've seen.

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