Quick note on Terry McMillan

Hi all,

I just saw Terry McMillan on some late night Country Music show.  He was
shown working with Dolly Pardon, Billy someone?, and Garth Brooks (not all
at the same time, also looks like they forgot Tanya Tucker).  Anyway, Terry
mentioned that he practiced for 5 years for 8 hours a day to get to where
he is now.  He said, "I played until my lips bled."


Like someone else already mentioned (sorry I can't remember who, it's kinda
late) that Terry was a regular on one of the Christian TV "Praise-the-Lord"
type of shows. . .anyway, I've seen him on one of those two.

Regardless of who he is working with, if he is a Christian or not, or if he
playing Country or Gospel, the man can blow some mean harp.

Just some thoughts.


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