Returning a chromatic?

Today I went out an bought my first "real" chromatic (I had a chrometta 8 
before but never did much with it) - a Chromonica 270. The salesman told 
me that they only had them in C, which was fine with me because that's 
what I wanted. It wasn't until I took it home and played it and saw the "G" 
stamped on the upper right cover plate that I realized thay sold me the 
wrong key! I know that music stores aren't legally allowed to take back 
harmonicas that have already been played, but they made the mistake here. 
What if I had mail ordered it and it was the wrong key? Should I try to 
make them take it back and give me a C, or write to Hohner? Has this ever
happened to anyone else on the list?

Also, I got Kim Field's book today, plus a Gary Primich album and Billy 
Boy Arnold's new one. The book looks great and I can't wait to read it (I 
just finished the introduction). And both tapes are worth hearing.


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