Updated HIP Description!!!

Hi Group,

Here is an updated description of HIP from Winslow.



Winslow Yerxa <76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>HIP - the Harmonica Information Publication
>published by Harmonica Information Press
>203 14th Avenue
>San Francisco CA 94118-1007
>Editor: Winslow Yerxa
>phone/fax 415-751-0212
>email: 76450.3230@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Diatonic and chromatic technique, performance practices, theory,
>interviews, historical sketches, industry news, instrument
>reviews, record, video and book reviews (with harp keys).
>Oriented to all styles of music, but with strong blues content
>due to demand. Issue 4 is devoted to Howard Levy and overblowing
>HIP is highly regarded as having the most professional appearance
>and the best instructional material, but is slow in coming out.
>Relatively expensive, but packed with information (literally -
>the type is much smaller than in other publications and graphics
>are at a minimum).
>40 pages plus covers, letter size, white paper. 6 issues per
>subscription series. $5.50 per issue. Subscriptions: $30 Canada
>US, Mexico, $51 airmail ($40 surface) outside North America.

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