Re: Harp Experience & Lessons


I think the technique about tongue lifting has to do with playing a single
tone then lifting the tongue to play a chord.  This technique is used by old
timers and others, who want to adlib on some piece of music in the key of C (
or some keywith a pretuned harmonica).  Actually, I don't use this type of a
technique in my playing.  I play the chromatic harmonica (classical, popular,
folk, ragtime) music.  I like all type of music.  I am essentually a soloist
(playing in church alot around the Springfield/Dayton Ohio area), and with my
ensemble "The Hyland Ensemble." (harmonica, classical guitar, and cello).
 Our repertoire is made up of classical music, folk, popular, and ragtime
music.  I am also a harmonica orchestra director for the Miami Valley
Harmonica Orchesta.  The guys are playing from musical scores written for
string ensembles.  I also transcribe a lot of music on my computer with midi
for the orchestra.

Richard Martin

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