RE: request

lrieser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Louis Rieser (Greenfield)) writes:
>  BTW does anyone know who plays the harp for the Roseanne Show theme and,
>my favorite, Sesame Street?
>  Just to be clear, this is Rhonda and not Louis who signs off but plays

Hi Rhonda,

I thought that someone at one point had told me that they personally
knew the guy that does the Harp for Rosanne, but I searched through
all the archives couldn't find it....

Anyone, remember that one?

As far as Sesame Street goes, it was Jean "Toots" Thielemans.  I'm
sure many other people on the list could give you more information
about him, so I'll leave it at that.

BTW, there IS an entry for "Toots" in the All-Music Guide via Ferris
College.  I've got the link in the HarmoniGopher under the directory
"All-Music Guide with Harp Selections (via".


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