New Harp Newsletter -- "The Harmonica Educator"

Richard Martin has sent me some information that he is the editor of a
new Harmonica Publication.

Here's some info on it, along with his e-mail address in case anyone
would like more info.


>Sender: "Ri58066217" <Ri58066217@xxxxxxx>
>I am the editor of a new newsletter called "The Harmonica Educator."
>I just published my Spring 1994 issue.  I am working on the Summer 94 
>issue.  The newsletter is written for harmonica educators and players 
>at all levels of proficiency..  There may be some players or harmonica
>educators out there that may want to subscribe to this newsletter and can
>provide The Harmonica Educator with some written articles (anything that is
>intended to educate, illustrate or inform).  Please pass this request around
>the net.  Tks
>Richard Martin.

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