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Hi all,

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Ri58066217@xxxxxxx writes:
>Here some info about my request for a forum on harmonica at the America
>Online.  Anyone have any suggestions?
>Richard Martin
>Forwarded message:
>Subj:    New forum
>Date:    94-05-19 14:23:59 EDT
>From:    Advisor TJ
>To:      Ri58066217
>Dear Ri58066217,
>If you're interested in starting a forum or new area online, please post a
>message in the Suggestion Box in the appropriate department.  Be sure to
>include the following information:
> - What will the forum consist of?
> - What will you require in terms of resources?  (message boards, libraries,
>chat rooms, etc.)
> - What will your focus be?
> - What experience do you have in the field?
> - What can members gain from this area?
> - How many people do you think this would attract?
>Or please contact us at 703/883-1548, and ask to be transferred directly to
>extension #7900 to leave phone mail about the proposed area.
>The AOL Staff responsible for setting up forums will also answer and respond
>to the phone mail from this extension, set up for this specific purpose.
>Please send your reply, if any, to the screen name "Advisor TJ" using the
>"Forward" icon on the left side of the email window.
>Thank you for using America Online.
>Advisor TJ - Therese
>***In response to the following***
>Field 1 = A few days ago, I made a suggestion to have a newsgroup called
>"Harmonica."  There are 97 people listed in the member directory, who 
>have a interest in harmonica.  I am a harmonica educator, ensemble director,
>and musical arranger.  Also, I am editor of a newsletter called "The 
>Harmonica Educator."  It would be nice for AOL to make some kind of a forum
>for harmonica discussions.  There are a number of users ouside of the 
>AOL (e.g., compuserve) who are contacting me to discuss topics concerning the
> Also, there are two mailing lists from other BBS dealing with harmonicas :
>Harp-mgr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, pierccm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx that 
>have Harp-L (Harmonica Discusison List and Harp-LDiget (Harmonca discussion
>List Digests).   
>If you will consider having some kind of mailing list or  newsgroup for
>discussions about harmonica topics, you might get some others to subscribe to
>AOL.  I would consider being the focal point for any mailing list for
>Richard Martin 

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