Re: Harp Experience & Lessons


Send me your mailing address and I will send you some info I have printed in
my method for ensemble players.  It is about tongue blocking.  howeever, the
text would take up to much f my time to tryto type a e-mail to you.  Also, I
am the editor of a new newsletter called The Harmonica Educator.  This
newsletter will be dedicated to harmonica education and up to date news about
harmonica teaching and learning.  I hope it will interest harmonica educators
and plaeyrs at all levels of proficiency.  One quick way to tongue block is
to make your mouth as small on the mouthpiece.  Bring your tongue forward a
bit and let the tip of the tongue feel the opening of the hole left of the
right corner of your mouth.  That is the area that you will direct the flow
of air into the chamber.  Don't put your tongue too hard on the mouthpiece.
 When you move the harmonica when you ascend up the scame or descend down the
scale, keep your mouth and tongue in the same place.  The tongue does not
move when you are playing single notes, just the harmonica.  You may move
your tongue for playing double stops or ocatves (which is advanced harmonica
playing).  Again, please send me your mailing address or FAX number.  My FAX
is (513)964-1555.

Richard Martin

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