Blues Attitude

I was glad to read that John Popper is no longer going around "blowing
away" all those people who can't play as well as he. Like this was a reason
for existance? I for one am trying to learn how to play the harp to make
a pleasant sound for others around me. I think if a person is doing that
he is accomplishing something worthwhile. Whether that person is the "best"
or the hottest or the whateverest isn't important to me or to the "big
picture". The Blues (?) Traveler sounds a bit stuck on himself to me but
maybe he is changing. I have no reason to judge the man or question his
great abilities but I will state my opinion ($1 plus it = coffee) that there
is more to playing the blues than the "techniques" of harp playing. The
only time I ever heard Popper was on the Letterman show this year. I'm
afraid it sounded like a lot noise with some great harp in between. After
reading his posting and that Letterman show I don't think I'd make the
hour drive up to Indy to catch him. But I'd walk up to Indy to catch
Musselwhite. Who is the better player and who is the better blues player?
And what difference does either make? Flame me though E-Mail if you wish,
no need to clutter the group.


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