Re: Harp Experience & Lessons

As far as tongue blocking goes, here's what I learned from taking a few
classes with Phil Wiggins:
You relax as though you are going to play a chord, and place your tongue on
the post between two holes so that it covers the holes and lets air around
the toungue into the holes on either side. The best way to do it is to slap
you tongue against the post at the start of the blow so you get a little of
the chord first. When you do it right the octave resonates down deep in you
chest and the notes have a serious organ like tone.
The secret is using the post as a target, otherwise its hard to hit the
octave. The other secret is to get the air blowing in the chord first and
then slap the octave. The air is then forced with more speed through the
octave to give it that deep vibrato tone. It helps to relax the throat,
almost a yawn to get that deep down to your socks feel to it.
       Keith Graham 

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