Tongue blocking

I have been following the discussion on tongue-blocking
with considerable interest and have been trying to learn
it myself. What I am curious about is where exactly is this
technique applicable (I can understand that one can't
play octaves and chords under melody without it) and how
do you recognize a tongue block from a pucker in a solo?
For instance, I suppose that Little Walter and James Cotton
use(d) tongue blocking extensively. How about Sonny Boy II
and Sonny Terry ? If someone could point out solos
from their repertoire where I can hear this being
used that would be a big help.
Selfish interest apart, I am sure a lot of us would benefit
if someone like Winslow would give us beginners some tips
on tongue blocking - or is it in an issue of HIP already ?

It is frustrating to re-learn bending with tongue blocking and
I find it very good for my motivation if I can hear some great
solo which is impossible to play without this technique, which
I can aim toward.

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