blues and symphony orchestras.....

	A few months back I posed a question to Harp-L about classical music
and the harmonica. At the time the only players I had heard were Larry Adler
and Toots Thielman. The response I got was amazing. I learned about a number
of different people who are playing beautiful classical music on the 
harmonica. Whoever it was that helped me get a copy of "Pari Passu" I extend
a very special thank you. It is, without a doubt, the pinacle of classical
music on the harmonica.
	One of my other loves is the blues and in a recent discussion on 
Blues-L Corky Siegel's "Chamber Blues" was brought to my attention. This 
sounded like it would be a wonderful combination. Classical music and the 
blues. I have had no success in determining whether he has recorded any of 
this music. Does anyone know if he has? Where do I get it?
	The continuing thread on Blues-L brought to light that in the late
60's a couple of albums had been realeased by Deutche Grammaphone. These
were both works by William Russo and were performed by the Siegel-Schwall
Band and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
	The first release was entitled "3 Pieces for Blues Band and Symphony
Orchestra, Op.50" (1968). The vinyl number is #2530 309.
	The second release was entitled "Street Music, Op.65, A Blues
Concerto". I do not have a composers date or the vinyl number.
	I have checked the Deutche Grammaphone catalogue and I was unable to
find either of them listed. What I would like to know is if they are 
available on CD and how I go about getting a copy of them. Are they 
available on another label as imports? Are there any other works of this
type out there that I don't know about that would be easier to get on CD?

	Any help would be much appreciated. To cut down on wasted bandwidth
feel free to reply to me personally.



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