Re: Tongue Blocking

"Charley, explain what you were saying..."

Carey holds a long note and I listen carefully to the tone as it
changes.  Now it's got a bottom, a middle and a top.  I can hear those
high pitched components (the ones that carry best over several feet
from an unamplified harp) along with the middle and the bottom.
Suddenly, whoa! Nothing but the bottom!  It's pure.  No middle, no
top.  Just bottom!  How's he do that?

With my own playing I can change the mix, boosting the bottom by
tightening the air seal with my hands, diminishing the highs by easing
up the flow of air.  And I can do these things better with the right
equipment. But I can't banish the highs and middles. I can make my
sirloin come out like bacon.  Carey gets pure lard. How's he do that?

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