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On Mon, 16 May 1994 koryta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I've got a moderate case of the blues myself, now that I find I MUST learn
> this tongue blocking technique to sound real good.

Sorry Jim,  but I must disagree with you here.  I belive players should
have the ability to do both for,  each has it's merits.  If you are
speaking of the tone that comes from tongue blocking.  The same tone can
be had by opening your lips a little more.  I can fool almost anyone I am
tongue blocking by using this method.  However I do use the real thing if
the setting calls for it.

 The old "SNP" has carried me this far and I can do some blocking to get chords but I can see
> the need to go further with the tongue blocking I'm glad to know that
> Charlie Musselwhite uses a lot of SNP. I saw him at the Slippery Noodle Inn
> in Indianpolislast month. Wow! It was a real pleasure to see someone of his
> quality. He and the harp were like one. I talked with him for about one
> minute, shook his hand, and told him I loved his music which I do. When I
> mentioned trying to learn the harp he responded with info. about a book that
> he put out with Melvay (sp=?). Has anyone the title of this book.

I think the book you are talking about is the HARMONICA ACCORDING TO
CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE  is comes with book and companion tape.  Decent book
by one of the masters.   Have you Checked out Howard Levy's  NEW

Chris Michalek

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