Re: Subscription to "HIP"

On Mon, 16 May 1994 koryta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> How does one order a subscription to HIP? I thought I saw an add in an
> old Kevin's Harp catalog but it was only a loaner to me. Any help would
> be appreciated.

In the current Kevin's catalog the address for HIP is:

    Harmonica Information Press
    203 14th Avenue
    San Fransisco, CA 94118-1007

It is $40 for a year's subscription and $5.50 for a sample issue. I have 
yet to read HIP, but I plan to order a sample copy soon since I've heard 
so many good things about it.
> I've got a moderate case of the blues myself, now that I find I MUST learn
> this tongue blocking technique to sound real good. The old "SNP" has
> carried me this far and I can do some blocking to get chords but I can see
> the need to go further with the tongue blocking. 
 You don't need to learn tongue blocking for chords but is very important 
for tone and variety in your style.  

>I'm glad to know that
> Charlie Musselwhite uses a lot of SNP. I saw him at the Slippery Noodle Inn
> in Indianpolislast month. Wow! It was a real pleasure to see someone of his
> quality. He and the harp were like one. I talked with him for about one
> minute, shook his hand, and told him I loved his music which I do. When I
> mentioned trying to learn the harp he responded with info. about a book that
> he put out with Melvay (sp=?). Has anyone the title of this book.
 That's Power Harp Blues/Rock, with Phil Duncan. (published by Mel Bay). 
I have it but I never went through all of it ot listened to all of the 
tape. But there are some good song transcripts and instruction on 
different positions. There's alos The Harmonica According to Charlie 
Musselwhite, which I didn't learn much from (it's pretty complicated and 
I was a beginner when I got it), but the album that comes with it is 
outstanding! I got the Power Blues Book, The Harmonica According etc. and 
a cd and album signed by Charlie when I saw him! 

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