Subscription to "HIP"

How does one order a subscription to HIP? I thought I saw an add in an
old Kevin's Harp catalog but it was only a loaner to me. Any help would
be appreciated.

I've got a moderate case of the blues myself, now that I find I MUST learn
this tongue blocking technique to sound real good. The old "SNP" has
carried me this far and I can do some blocking to get chords but I can see
the need to go further with the tongue blocking. I'm glad to know that
Charlie Musselwhite uses a lot of SNP. I saw him at the Slippery Noodle Inn
in Indianpolislast month. Wow! It was a real pleasure to see someone of his
quality. He and the harp were like one. I talked with him for about one
minute, shook his hand, and told him I loved his music which I do. When I
mentioned trying to learn the harp he responded with info. about a book that
he put out with Melvay (sp=?). Has anyone the title of this book. I see a
couple listed in the most recent Kevin's Harps catalog. Thanks for the


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