RE: Undeliverable Message...STOPPED by me....

I really hate it when this happens!!!

This mailer was bouncing the messages back to the Harp List rather
than to me like it should (remember 5 months ago?).  I've removed this
person, since that is the only way it can be fixed for
HOPEFULLY this won't happen again.

I'll also send mail to the POSTMASTER at that site to see if he/she
will fix this so it will NOT happen in the future.

Sorry for the inconvience.


MAILER-DAEMON@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>To:            harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject:       HIP, new records
>Message not delivered to recipients below.  Press F1 for help with VNM
>error codes.               
>	VNM3043:  Spence Swinton@6711@ETS
>------------------  Error number Explanation Follows -------------------

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