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TO: internet:harp-l@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
RE: HIP No. 4, new records

Gee, shucks, thanks, guys for sayin' all them nice things. Kinda
makes a feller blush.

Just did an interview with Peter "Madcat" Ruth for HIP No. 5, and
will also be talking to Cham-ber Huang. No. 5 will have a LOT of
record reviews, from all the review copies I've been getting.

By the way. Madcat will NOT be coming to the SPAH convention -
summer is his time to make a big chunk of his income for the
year, and this year SPAH asked him to do for free what they had
always paid him for in the past. Madcat had to decline for simple
economic reasons. Too bad - he's become something of a SPAH
convention institution.

Also, just received the new TRIO GLOBO record from Silver Wave
Records in Colorado. This is a trio of Howard Levy, Eugene
Friesen on cello and Glen Velez on a wide varity of percussion
instruments. Haven't listened to it yet, but it promises to be a
colorful, eclectic ride. Silver Wave is a new age label, do I'm
not sure where you'd find this CD in a record store - new age,
world music, jazz? You could contact them at

Silver Wave Records
PO Box 7943
Boulder CO 80306

Tell them who sent you.

In other overblow-related developments, I received some very
interesting stuff from Daniel Herzhaft in France. List-heads may
remember his mother inquiring for him on the list a few months
back about U.S. harmonica instruction methods. I haven't the
faintest idea why, 'cause this kind can PLAY!!!.

He sent me two things, a CD of acoustic blues with a band
comsisting of various members of his family ("Never Been Plugged"
- lost a little in the translation, I think). This I haven't
listened to yet, but he also sent a cassette, which I put on in
the car the other day.	WHOA!

It's called "Freeandise" (a bilingual pun on the French word
"friandise,") and is a fusion band playing Frank Zappa, Miles Davis,
and several originals. Daniel is right in there, playing a fully
chromatic diatonic with a fluent and sassy command of the

This is not for sale in the U.S. - yet - but you could contact
him at

57 rue Florian
69100 Villeurbanne

or you could bug his mom by email:

LISE HERZHAFT Lise.Herzhaft@xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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