Re: Harp Experience & Lessons

On Sun, 15 May 1994, Geoff Roberts wrote:

> >	For example, for the first three or four years I played the harp I
> >	puckered to get individual notes. Then I had the good fortune to take
> >	a few lessons from Paul Oscher, a great player who worked with Muddy Waters
> >	in the late 1960s. In about five short minutes he made it perfectly clear
> >	to me that I was never going to get that Chicago blues harp sound unless
> >	I started tongue blocking. I nearly had to start all over on the harp,.
> >	and it was very frustrating for a few months until I fought through it.
> >	
> >	--Kim Field
> You mean I have to start all over again... ????   Why is tongue blocking the only
> way to get the Chicago blues sound ???

Tongue blocking is not the ONLY way to get that Chicago blues sound, but 
it is an important thing to know for all styles. You should learn both 
methods and use them when appropriate.


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