Japan Harmonica Festival

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    I received the following information from my friend Noritsugu Yoshimura 
    whom I met in Trossingen last year. Chris, please post in Harmonigopher.
                  The International Harmonica Festival '95 Japan
    Tuesday October 10th through Friday October 13th 1995 (four days)
    At Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama
       Minato Mirai 1-1
       Nishi-ku, Yokohama
    (About 30 min. train ride from Tokyo. About 1 hr from Narita Airport)
    	International Harmonica Contest
    	Family Harmonica Contest
    	Workshops and Seminars
    	Gala Concerts and Special Concerts
    	Open Stages (Open Mike)
    		Open session & Goodwill Space "Plaza Harmonization"
    	Opening Ceremony and Awards Presenting Ceremony
    	Reception and Farewell Party
    	Various Information Booths
    	Technical Service Booths (Harmonica Repairs)
    	Display Area and Festival Shops
    About 10,000 visitors are expected
    Information on Registration, Entry Fees, Hotels, Guest Players are not 
    prepared yet.
    All inquiries should be directed to;
    International Harmonica Festival '95 Japan Executive Committee
    c/o DESK-K, Hayabusa-Toko Building
    19 Hayabusacho 3-Ban
    Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 103
    Tel. Japan 03 3265-4011, Fax. Japan 03 3265-4015
    Oct. '95 - Hey that's only about 17 months away -- time to start saving 
    those quarters! And I thought Trossingen, Germany last year was my 
    lifetime dream vacation, maybe not.
                      Jack Ely      ely.j@xxxxxxxxxxxxx@pmdf

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