Re: Harp Experience & Lessons

If you find anyone who gives lessons in NYC area, let me know.
My experience is similar to yours, I have been fooling with the harps for a
couple of years now, but I seem to improve very slowly. Jamming certainly
What helped me the most was going to Blues Week at the Augusta Heritage
Center in Elkins, West Virginia. Phil Wiggins is a pretty good teacher
(although this year he'll be in England and can''t make it to blues week.)
Charlie Sayles is a dynamite performer and his classes are an experience not
to be missed. There were 47 other harp players lsdt year, mostly in one dorm.
I made some good friends and learned alot. Every night I stayed up until 3AM

Blues week is July 17 to 23 this year and it fills up fast so if you
interested you had better get a move on it.
Call Judy Williams, Registrar at  augusta@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (yes they are
on the net)  for information.


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