Harp Experience & Lessons

Hi all!  
I have been playing harp for a relatively short time now (bout' a year), 
but I find that I am improving much more quickly than any other instrument I 
have ever tried (mainly piano and guitar). I was able to bend within about
2 weeks of having first picked up a harp, and have been jamming with freinds
a lot recently. Most of my technique I derive from tips off this list and
litening to old blues recordings (Sonny Boy Williamson (Miller) is my hero!)
. I also frequent blues jams around the city to look for techniques. 
At this point I am considering taking lessons, and I am wondering what the 
relative merits are in doing so. What can be learned that I won't pick up
by practice and observation?
Also... I am wondering if others found harmonica to be an easier instrument
to pick up on as I did?
Thanks in advance for any replies!

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