Re: Midi Harp.

	Although I don"t have knowledge in this specific area I beleive  you
	detect a blow by an air pressure sensitve transducer. A draw would
cause a vacuum
	in the air chamber of the harp.  In a midi saxaphone air pressure only
need be detected
	notes are determined by contact switches on the ""keys""? - not sure
if thius is the
	correct terminology.  The air pressure in this case determines the

	Some questions:  Would you program in bends ie if the air pressure
hits a predetermined
	level would the note bend up or down ?  Would your aim be to make the
harmonica the
	same size and shape of a mechanical harp?


On May 9, 15:25, Spence Pearson wrote:
> Subject: Re: Midi Harp.
> 	Gordon seems to be knowledgable about midi technology. I wonder
> if he or anyone who knows would explain, in layman's terms, just how an
> air flow in 2 directions can be transduced with a high degree of
> For instance, how does the midi saxaphone do it? Just tell me how to make
> one and I'll get on it.
> 		-Spence
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