Re: Midi Harp./REPLY.#

> 	Gordon seems to be knowledgable about midi technology. I wonder 
> if he or anyone who knows would explain, in layman's terms, just how an 
> air flow in 2 directions can be transduced with a high degree of sensitivity.
> For instance, how does the midi saxaphone do it? Just tell me how to make 
> one and I'll get on it.
> 		-Spence
 Hi Spence,
  	   Well I *do* own a small computer controled studio, have done
 for some years now in fact.

 The real problem is that I have had no personal experience with the 
 technical side of MIDI breath controled devices.

 Also my MIDI Guru is on holiday until next week. 
 Even Guru's have Guru's to look up to i'm afraid. (Just kidding).

 So, I have to pass the question on to someone else.

 As these devices already exsist, maybe you could contact one of the
 designers and ask them (A bit cheeky though).

 You could also ask one of the MIDI newsgroups on the NET for info.
 Assuming you have the ability to get the newsgroups that is.

 If you get no answers, contact me again, I'll try my best for you.


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